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what is tort and what is tort not

tort(s) ― the law of civil wrongs A wrongful act (other than a breach of contract) that results in injury to another party's person, property, dignity, or reputation and which is recognized by statue or common law as a legitimate basis for liability.

Civl and criminal (the differences)

  • who the parties are
  • plaintiff vs prosecution
  • What are the possible outcomes
  • liable vs guilty
  • The applicable standard of proof
  • preponderance vs beyond a reasonable doubt
  • The consequences for the defendant
  • civil damages vs criminal penalties
  • The procedural rules that apply
  • civil procedures vs criminal procedures

    Torts; disputes between private parties

  • the injured plaintiff beings suit against the defendant for damages

  • Criminal action; prosecutor (acting on behalf of the government) charges the defendant for a crime.

  • Injuries on which.... (cont. Later)
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  • dec. 1 2019 - what is tort and what is tort not
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    what is tort and what is tort not