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(within the last minute) francine said:
this site is under major construction... but her's some info, i am tired(emotional state), gemini(zodiac), female(gender), and my name is francine. I like cute things, drawing, criminal law, and the electric bass.

i really love peaches, strawberries, oranges, and chicken nuggets... oh! also cheeze-its and goldfish crackers (the brand!!! not fishies or their crackers!!). i don't really like most sweets (like pastries and cakes...) but buttercream cake and creps are really good. Also most candies are good, sour and sweet.

im rambling... on snacks... but that is what this site really is. it's personal. it's random. it's just my thoughts and ideas. this is a personal project, this site might not have much that will be deemed !!entertaining!! but it really does help me releve stress to be able to just speak my thoughts and create stuff

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